Media Coverage

2024                                     “Queer food, l'esplorazione dell'identità sessuale attraverso il cibo,” by Valeria     Robecco for Il Gusto (Italian media) about my work organizing the Queer Food Conference, May 16 

2024                                     Consulted for article on the queer food conference I organized for Michael Floreak’s “What is ‘Queer Food’: A Conference at BU Explores that Question and Others,” Boston Globe, May 9


2024                                     Interviewed by Bettina Makalintal of Eater

2024                                     Interviewed by Jaya Saxena of Eater


2024                                     Interviewed by Erik Piepenburg for the New York Times about queer food and the queer food conference I organized: “What is ‘Queer Food?’ A Conference Explores and Tastes Some Answers,” May 2


2024                                     Interviewed by Molly Callahan of BU Today, cover story on the Queer Food 

                                             Conference, April 26


2024                                     Interviews by RJ Bee of Amuse News Radio of the Heritage Radio Network on April 24


2024                                     Interviewed by Jessica Gringrich about feminist restaurants for Heritage Radio Network, April 22


2024                                     Interviewed by Rax Will for Eater on queer restaurants, April 16


2024                                     Ingredients for Revolution was featured as the “Book Pick” of the month for March 2024 issueof the Damn History Newsletter


2024                                     Podcast guest on Slayerfest98, discussing my article on queer feminist sonic space created by Buffy podcasts, March 16


2024                                     Interviewed by Megan Paetzhold for New York Magazine on lesbian restaurants pre-Stonewall in New York City, March 3 (unlisted)


2024                                     Interviewed by KCRW: Good Food Radio (Los Angeles) about feminist restaurants, March 16


2024                                     “Talking Queer Food and Where to Find it In the City,” interviewed by Ivy Lerner Frank for “Tastemakers” for The Main, February 29


2024                                     “Künstliche Intelligenz und ihre Vorurteile,” interviewed by Atifa Qazi for Kulturaustausch on AI in Montreal, Feb 15: (interview is in German)


2024                                     Review of Engage in Public Scholarship by Emmanuelle Gareau for Les3Sex,

                                             Feb 6


2024                                     Interviewed on the podcast Library Punk, Episode 188 “Queer Internet Hitory ft. Dr. Alex Ketchum), January 17


2023                                     “Step Inside Mother Courage, New York’s Lesbian Owned Feminist Café,” discusses my book Ingredients for Revolution, by Ethan Moser for GCN (Gay Community News) Ireland, December 20


2023                                     Interviewed for Them Magazine as part of the article “Inside the Historic Lesbian Cafes that Fed The Feminist Movement” about my book Ingredients for Revolution by Leo Leah Kirts, November 22


2023                                     Interviewed for Gender, Sex, and Tech Podcast. “Interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum,” Season Two, Episode Five, November 3.


2023                                     Ingredients for Revolution reviewed by Kristin Plys for Gastronomica, volume 23, issue 3, Fall 2023


2023                                     Interviewed for Taste on queer cookbooks, “Pass the Butchy Borscht: Digging in the Lesbian Cookbook Archives” by Emma Banks, October 24


2023                                     Interviewed for 2SLGBTQIA+ Canada History Month YouTube Channel on queer feminist restaurants, interviewed by Alessio Ponzio, October 1


2023                                     Interviewed for Q4Q: A Queer Personals Podcast on queer Canadian archives and lesbian and queer women’s spaces,  episode “The Body Politic,” Sept 5


2023                                     Interviewed for Unhinged Collaboration Podcast, September 1


2023                                     Interviewed for A Seat at the Table Podcast by Spare Ribs Club on feminism, food, and dinner parties, on August 4


2023                                     Interviewed about feminist, lesbian, and queer restaurants for “Enjoying the Legacy of Feminist Restaurants and Cafes” by Paul Gallant for Pink Ticket Travel, July 12 and for Xtra* on July 28 


2023                                     Interviewed by Jonathan Kauffman for Food and Wine Magazine on queer food, July 1


2023                                     Interviewed about building LGBTQ2S+ Directories and Archive Lists for Out History and the LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory, July 5 and August 7


2023                                     Interviewed for Anne Helen Peterson’s Newsletter/Substack Culture Studyabout Ingredients for Revolution, July 2


2023                                     Interviewed about Ingredients for What’s Old is News/ History Slam Podcast, June 29: Active History.


2023                                     Scholarship used in “Have You Been Inside a Gay Bay Recently,” Metropolis Mag, June 28.


2023                                     “Lesbian bars have endured — with community, grit and a little reinvention” interviewed by Chabeli Carrazana, for The 19th News, June 12


2023                                     “Feminism in the 21st Century, An Interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum,” podcast interview for the Ivy Tower Boiler Room, June 10


2023                                     Culinary Historians of CanadaReview of Ingredients for Revolution by Ivy Lerner-Frank, June 3


2023                                     Online articles from McGill Internal Source Regarding Principal’s Prize


2023                                     Publisher’s Weekly article on Feminist Bookstores, March 17


2023                                     Sinister Wisdom: A Multicultural Lesbian Literary and Arts Journal (Spring Issue), Review of Ingredients for Revolution by Elise Schloff, pages 279-281, March 16


2023                                     Interview on the Academic Life Podcast on the New Books Network, “Can we Engage in Public Scholarship with Feminist and Accessible Communication?,” March 9.


2023                                     “Author Readings,”Boston Globe, Feb 23


2023                                     “Dip Me In Honey and Throw Me to Lesbians,” Interview on History is Gay Podcast: Feb 6 and featured on the History is Gay Blog


2023                                     Faculty Publication Spotlight: Ingredients for Revolution, Jan 18


2023                                     ““Ingredients for Revolution” Offers a New Look at Social Justice Movement 

                                             History” by Stef Rubino, Autostraddle, Jan 10


2022                                     Interviewed for “Inman Square has long been a sanctuary for feminist businesses,” Boston Business Journal, December 20.


2022                                     OA Week Interview Series, McGill Library Publication, October 25.


2022                                     Consulted on my research for September 29 episode of Atlas Obscura Podcast.


2022                                     Short review of Ingredients by Andrew Woodrow-Butcher on Quill and Quire’s Fall Preview


2022                                     Interviewed for “Somerville bookshop owner follows a legacy of feminist businesses,” Boston Business Journal, June 30.


2022                                     Faculty Publication Spotlight on Engage in Public Scholarship, June 17.


2022                                     “Business for Women, Lesbians, and Feminists” on the Bad with Money Podcast, interviewed by Gaby Dunn, June 15.


2022                                     “Cyberwitches: From Zoom rituals to casting spells with emojis” interviewed for Endless Thread,  May 23, WBUR Boston Public Radio.


2022                                     On Kitchen Computers for Milk Street Radio, March 18, WGBH Boston Radio and Milk Street Radio Podcast.


2022                                      On Gettin' Air with Dr. Alex Ketchum, podcast interview with Terry Greene 

of Getting’Air: The Open Pedagogy Podcast, Feb 14. also on EdTech Radio on Feb 16.


2022                                     Engaged Scholarship with Dr. Alex Ketchum, podcast interview with Women in Archaeology Podcast, Jan 23. 


2022                                     On Engaging in Public Scholarship, podcast episode interview with the Self-Compassionate Professor, January 9.


2021                                     “What's the Recipe for a Queer Cookbook? (feat. Dr. Alex Ketchum)” interview episode on the podcast A Queered Taste, September 25.


2021                                     Interviewed by Eva Julia van Dam for La Gazette des Femmes, July 22.


2021                                     “Interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum,” Preserve Journal, April 8, (volume 17).


2021                                     “On the Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications and Technologies Speaker Series” radio interview on CKUT 90.3 Montreal, January.


2020                                     “Feminist Restaurants and Accessible Scholarship” interview episode on the podcast Anthropodish, November 9.


2020                                     “Feminism, Anarchy, and AI” interview episode on the podcast Femidish, October 20.


2020                                     “Fireside Chat on Feminist Publishing,” podcast episode with Hannah McGregor on Secret Feminist Agenda Podcast, March 25.


2019                                     “Feminism and Technology,” interviewed by Balarama Holness on CJAD800  (Montreal talk radio I Heart Radio) December 30


2019                                     “Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola and Nantali Indongo - Are women-only spaces discriminatory?,”  CBC Radio, December 23.


2019                                     “Discriminatoires, les gyms pour femmes?, interview with Suzanne Colpron of La Presse, Dec 16, translated and republished by OBN on Dec 16.


2019                                     “The Scholar Mapping America’s Forgotten Feminist Restaurants”, interview with Reina Gattuso of Atlas Obscura, June 22.


2019                                     "Breaking Down Barriers: Alexandra Ketchum, McGill Faculty Lecturer at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies chose to bring light to these issues by creating the Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications, and Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series" by Alexandrine Royer for McGill Arts Bulletin, December 3, 


2019                                     July 4, radio interview on CKUT 96.7, Sudbury, Ontario’s Eat This, Drink That, about my feminist restaurant research, audio file.


2019                                     “Reclaiming Cooking: The Legacy of Feminist Restaurants”, interview with Sarah Cooke of Fembot Magazine, July 9.


2019                                     “Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant”, Reina Gattuso of Atlas Obscura, June 24. 


2018                                     “How to Start a Feminist Restaurant: A Chat with Alexandra Ketchum,” Interviewed by Nursing Clio on feminist restaurants on September 4, 


2018                                     Bookette reviewed by Liisbeth: Field Notes for Feminists in Business on March 16.


2018                                     Project featured on the Quebec Gay Archives website on May 28.


2018                                     Interviewed by CBC Radio Montreal’s Daybreak with host Mike Finnerty on feminist restaurants on March 15


2018                                     Televised interview on CBC Montreal on March 15 regarding the public book launch and speech at L'Euguélionne Feminist Bookstore on March 15


2017/2018                            Interviewed by CBC Radio’s Ideas Program on women and beer November 22 and January 5


2017                                     Interviewed by Restaurant Business Magazine for article on sexual 

                                             harassment in restaurant culture. November 21


2017                                     Interviewed by Beer Today, Beer Tomorrow about fermentation, Sept 29. 


2017                                     Interviewed by CBC Radio: Toronto by Michelle Macklem for upcoming 

                                             documentary on restaurant culture. October 9.


2017                                     Press Conference, Gender and Sport at Canada 150 Lacrosse, Interviewed by CBC Montreal, Montreal Gazette, APTN National News, Peterborough Examiner, CTV Montreal, May 16 


2017                                     Radio-Canada: Winnipeg by Martine Bordeleau. « la journée de la femme et 

                                             le mouvement d'identité féministe dans des restaurants>>, March 8.


2016                                     Interviewed for Zapata, Mariana. "Add a Surrealist Touch to Your 

                                             Thanksgiving with these Dali Recipes" Atlas Obscura. November 23. Web. 


2015                                     Interviewed for Oyler, Lauren. "Eating Out, as a Feminist." Broadly,Sept 28.


2015                                     Interviewed for Vice Magazine: Kennedy, Alicia. "This Consciousness 

                                             Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist." MUNCHIES.

                                             Vice Magazine, July 20.


2015                                     Interviewed on CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal: Dragonroot Radio: March 31.

2012                                     Interviewed on WESU 88.1 FM Middletown: Spring.


Student Media Interviews

2024                                     Interviewed with McGill Tribune, Erica Lee, March 

2023                                     Interviewed for LGBTQ+ Digital Collaboratory Blog “Sapphic Chicks and 

                                             Broccoli: Love, Lavender and Holiday Gifts?” by Atticus Hawk, Dec 14

2023                                     Interview with McGill Tribune, “Where Have All the Queer Men Gone?” by 

                                             Matt Aldeberg, Nov 2

2023                                     Interview for Concordia’s The City Digital Magazine, “A Queer Scarcity,” by 

                                             Stella Mazurek, September 25

2023                                     Interview for McGill Faculty of Arts March Newsletter by Chantay 

                                             Alexander, “Intersectionality within Course Content,”April 17

2022                                     Interview for McGill Tribune, Dec 6, “McGill Instructors Report” 

2022                                     Interview for Le Delit, November 2, “Exposition sur l’histoire de l’activisme”


2022                                     Interviewed for The McGill Daily, October 31, “McGill’s New Exhibit on 

                                             LGBTQIA2S+ Activism,”


2022                                     Interviewed for “André Brock Charts the Hidden History of Black 

                                             Cybercultures,” The McGill Tribune, Jan 18,

2021                                     Consulted for “Addressing Harassment of Scholars” for Milieux, December 6, 



2021                                     Interviewed for “Queer Cookbooks” for The McGill Daily, November 15, 


2021                                     Interviewed for “From Feminism to Feminisms” for The McGill Daily, 

                                             November 23,

2021                                     Interviewed for “Showcasing queer culture through cookbooks” for The 

McGill Tribune, September 21:

2018                                     Interviewed by Jeanne Janson on sexual harassment in restaurants for 

                                             upcoming piece, University of Indiana, fall

2018                                     Interviewed by student journalists of the Wesleyan Argus on my invited 

                                             guest talk on Capitalism, Feminism, and Restaurants, October 8