Dr. Alex Ketchum is the Faculty Lecturer of the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies of McGill University. Her doctorate from McGill's Department of History was supported by the FRQSC (Fonds de Recherche du Quebec). Ketchum's dissertation focused on feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses in the United States and Canada from the 1972-1989. She has a MA in History and Women and Gender Studies also from McGill University and a Honors BA in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Wesleyan University. Her work integrates food, environmental, technological and gender history.

Research Interests: Studying the role of technology, food, feminism, and environmentalism in 20th century social movements in the United States and Canada. Examining lesbian and feminist restaurants and caf├ęs. Interested in past imaginings of utopia through business creation and the implementation of communications technologies.

Ketchum has organized the SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada) funded, Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series (feministandaccessiblepublishingandtechnology.com) She is the founder of The Feminist Restaurant Project (www.thefeministrestaurantproject.com). Ketchum is co-founder and editor of The Historical Cooking Project (historicalcookingproject.com), a website dedicated to food history scholarship and Food, Feminism, and Fermentation (foodfeminismfermentation.com). For a full list of her publications, go to alexketchum.ca.

She is actively involved in feminist, food, and environmental politics. She was co-manager of an organic farm from 2008-2012 and has worked on organic farms in Ireland and France. In 2009, she founded Farm House in Middletown, Connecticut, a living community dedicated to food politics work that continues today.

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email: alexandraketchum@gmail.com